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8 Tips to achieve your goals this 2019!

by Debbie

2018 has come to an end and 2019 is here all shiny waiting for everybody’s resolutions to get on the mail or email I should say.  But did you reach all your goals and completed all your resolutions last year? I did reach almost all of mine, so I decided to share those tricks that help me stay on track and determined to reach them all.

Here’s my list of tips to follow in order to achive your goals for this 2019:

1. Choose realistic short term goals that you can easily achieve.

Easy goals once accomplished, will motivate you to carry on with the other one. For example, drink 8 glasses of wáter everyday or have desserts only on Sundays.

2.Write them down,

Put them all on paper. Print it and have it right in front of your computer so you can see it and be reminded them everyday.

3. Get a Habit or Task Planner App.

If you are a digital junkie and prefer to have everything on your phone or Tablet, I recommend you to try a task planner. Accordding to Elise Moreau, you can never have enough productivity tools. She published a great article with the best goal tracker apps for 2019.  You should check it out. She recommends great options like WAYOFLIFE which I love. I didn’t wanted somenthing to complicated, its super friendly and I can track bad and good habits for the entire week.

4. Asign a deadline or date to each goal.

For example, if one of your goals is walking up early, your goal should be for example, Wake up at 7:.00 from Monday to Thursday for an entire month. If you dont assign a deadline to your goals, you can sit forever and not accomplish them. You will get into the I’ll do it later mode. The year will go by and so your 2019 resolution.

5. Choose mid term and long term goals.

Mid term and long term goals will push you to the next level. Chase them once you have achieved your short term, which will be the easy ones. Then go back to point No. 4. For example: Save x amount of money by x date.

6. Reward yourself for achieving each goal.

Treat yourself with something special after achieving each goal. Like dinner, a spa, a mani pedi or both! You will surely think about the prize and chase those goals.

7. Get backup!

If you know you can get a little lazy somentimes. Ask for a friend or your partner to keep an eye on you if you cheat. Belief me these people will do the job.

8. Keep a positive attitude and have fun.

Don´t carry your goals like a burden, think about why you started, the benefits and reasons behind them.

Those are my 8 tips for reaching and achieving your goals and resolution this New Year. 2019 bring it on, we are ready!

Hope my tips will help you a bit!

Photos by Debbie González &-Roldan Canto

See ya!

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Debbie March 5, 2020 - 5:14 pm

Thank you, I sure will!Glad you like it!

Debbie September 14, 2020 - 8:15 pm

Thank you so much love to have you part of our tribe!

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