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by Debbie

It feels like your fave silk PJs, looks similar, has the same fit, but, It’s not enterily a PJ. It’s a PJ inspired blouse and I LOVE IT. Spotted this one a while ago and the color was just perfect. Wanted a style that was not printed, not black nor pastel. Wanted to keep it conceptual with a twist, looking like a PJ but not quite…does that sound confusing?

This blouse is a perfect creation and it’s one of the reasons I love fashion. You make the rules, break them and then make new ones all over again. What seemed impossible suddendly starts making sense. In the end it all comes down to personal style and how, with special pieces like this you create something fun, different and totally relevant.

I styled this blouse with navy blue taylored ankle pants and added fun some fun elements. A paisley pink scarf and a colorblock cluch/wristlet.

Totally in love with this look!

Photos in Collab with Roldan Canto.

Chao Chao,




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by Debbie

Did you party long last night or did you just had too many drinks and sadly have to wake up way too early today?? Let me share with you my tips that not only work as SOS for a party looking face, they’ve also helped me when I had a tough night and worked until very late. We all know once you look in the mirror the next morning, the reflection tells it all!


As soon as I wake up, I drag myself into the kitchen to get a glass of water, the No.1 super natural hydrator. Then I go ahead and place my favorite 911 eye patches in the fridge to cool while I head to take a cold shower to activate my circulation and off course WAKE UP.

Now let get into to fun part!


I cleanse my face with Josie Maran Cleasing oil. It’ the best cleanser I’ve tried in a long time. If you have dry skin like me, you will not regret using it. If you are more into the oily side, I will recommend to consult with your dermatologist first. I wet my face and then add 2 pumps of the cleasing oil into my fingers, rub it a little and then start massaging my face. The sensation is totally different from other cleansers. The oil warms into your skin and turns into milk giving you a very soothing sensation. It takes away all impurities without being too harsh. Argan oil is packed with healing and protective properties like triterpenoids which offer tissue healing if you have scars. It also has anti-inflammatory, sun-protective and disinfectant properties. Finally, I rinse with water and dry with soft padding motions.


My favorite 911 undereye patches! I take them from the fridge, remove them from the satchet gently and place them right below my under eyes. The cold feel refreshing and the inflammation under the eyes will be reduced.  These patches contain Gardenia Taitensis extract which is a flower that in counties like Samoa, is used to treat inflammation. You will feel very quickly how the skin tightens. I leave the patches for approximately 15 minutes and start getting dressed.


One of my favorite products from Lush is their Celestial Moisturizer. The aroma of almond milk and vanilla is simply delightful to me. One of the key ingredients in this cream is almonds. According to Joy Bauer, almonds are a great source of Vitamin E which protects skin cells from damage. Joy Bauer is a nutrition and health expert founder of Nourish Snacks, she is also columnist for Woman’s Day magazine. A tip for this cream, keep this product on the fridge, I love the cooling sensation on my skin.
Back to the routine, after I remove my eyepatches, I gently massage my under eyes with almost no pressure to have the skin absorb what’s left of the eyepatches. I take an almond size amount of moisturizer and massage it throughout my face. Because of being vegan, this product will not irritate your skin, on the contrary, will leave your skin super soft with a luminous glow that I personally love. I’ve even extended the application under my eyes and worked perfectly.


As an extra tip to finish our rescue session, add some spf to your skin. My esthetician recommended me Bioderma 100% protection.  It will protect  my sensitive skin with cellular bioprotection.  It’s also inted, so it will give a soft golden tan that will also contribute to hide the lack of sleep on your skin. For application I pour a small amount and dab it into my skin. I recommend only padding motions throughout the face.
Now you are ready for a little makeup. I have special products and technique for makeup in this special scenario, however well talk about that in my next beauty post.

Let me know if it worked for you!
Chao Chao,

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by Debbie

Its always hard for me to have breakfast. I wake up very early and having breakfast is the least thing I want to do everyday. However,  it’s the most important meal and not having it, just messes with my whole self for the rest of the day.  So, I decided that skipping breakfast was no longer an option.

As the week goes by, I start running out of ideas or options, healthy options for breakfast. Believe me, some days scrambled eggs with tomatoes, or oatmeal are not want I want to eat. So, I started thinking about what I love to eat to get me excited about having breakfast. It had to be fun and delicious…

I love avocado, give it me to in guacamole, salads, even a burger(let me clarify, every now and then only) and I’m down for it. I went to the supermarket to get some for dinner, and as I walked to the cashier, I said to myself, wait a minute..this could work for breakfast! and that’s when avocado became an option.  Easy to prepare and charged of positive ingredients.

This new breakfast option features one of my favourite Fruits. Which gets me very excited to have breakfast and that’s what I was looking for.  Some people actually think avocados are vegetables and they’re  fruits actually. Avocados are super nutritious and loaded with a large amount of vitamins. They even contain more potassium than bananas, which is a very important nutrient not found in high concentrations as in avocados.  This fruit also contributes to prevent eye deseases like cataratas. They’re are also high in fiber. According to the book THE WOMEN’S HEALTH DIET, research shows that fiber can fire up your fat burn as much as 30% and studies find that those who eat more fiber gain the least weight over time.  What are we wainting to get some avocado! This fruit is also very low in carbohydrates, wich are the perfect combination for a good meal.

My healthy breakfast includes,  1 slice of fiber bread, tuna mixed with some pepper, sea salt and only a little mayonaise with olive oil. For extra protein, two small boiled eggs!

Try it one of this days, you wont regret it!

Chao Chao,

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Siempre es difícil para mí para tomar el desayuno. Me levanto muy temprano y tomar desayuno es lo menos que quiero hacer todos los días. Sin embargo, es la comida más importante y no tomarlo, simplemente se acaba con todo mi ser por el resto del día. Por lo tanto, decidí que saltarse el desayuno ya no seria una opción.

A medida que avanza la semana, seguramente empiezo a quedarme sin opciones o ideas, opciones saludables para el desayuno. Créanme, algunos días huevos revueltos con tomate y avena no son lo que deseo comer. Así que empecé pensar y analizar, buscando opciones, pensando en lo que me gusta de comer. Al escoger algo que me gustase, era mas fácil para mi tomar el desayuno. Tenia que ser divertido y delicioso …

Me encanta el aguacate, lo puedo comer en guacamole, ensaladas, incluso en una hamburguesa (Aclaro, de vez en cuando solamente) y ahí estoy!  Fui al supermercado a comprar unos para la cena y mientras caminaba a pagarlos, me dije, un minuto, yo podría desayunar con aguacate! y es así entonces cuando el aguacate se convirtió en una opción.

Esta nueva opción de desayuno, lleva una de mis frutas favoritas.  Lo cual logra que quiera tomar el desayuno, y eso era lo que estaba buscando. Algunas personas piensan que los aguacates son vegetales y son frutas. Los aguacates son muy nutritivos y están cargados con una gran cantidad de vitaminas. Incluso contienen más potasio que las bananas, que es un nutriente muy importante que no se encuentra en altas concentraciones como en los aguacates. Esta fruta también contribuye a evitar enfermedades oculares como cataratas y desgaste visual. Son también son altos en fibra. De acuerdo al libro THE WOMEN’S HEALTH DIET, investigaciones muestran que la fibra puede contribuir a tu quema de grasa tanto como un 30% y estudios muestran que aquellos que ingieren mucha fibra ganan menos pesa con el tiempo. Que estamos esperando para entrarle a los aguacates! Esta fruta también es muy baja en carbohidratos, la cual es una combinación perfecta para una buena comida si estas pensando en perder peso y comer sano.

Mi nueva opción de desayuno incluye, 1 rodaja de pan de fibra, atún mezclado con un poco de pimienta, la sal del mar y sólo un poco de mayonesa con aceite de oliva. Y como  proteína extra, dos pequeños huevos hervidos!

Inténtalo uno de estos días, no te arrepentirás!

Chao Chao,

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by Debbie

I know for sure this happens to everybody! When you sit to watch a TV show, movie, read a magazine, a book, or those days when you’re feeling really ancious,.. if you are like me,  the urge of a snack is intense. The sad part is that common people will associate a snack with chips, ice cream, beer, etc. (a.k.a. non healthy foods).

For a couple of months now, I’ve been evaluating how everything I eat reflects into my skin and how I feel.
Chips made me thirstier and the next day my skin is very dry (if I ate late and went to bed almost right away), because of the high sodium content. Ice cream just inflates my belly like a balloon and once I finish eating, guess what? I’m still craving for more, not satisfied at all.

So what did I do? I just STOP buying those non healthy snacks. Instead, I’m buying and eating some of my favorite fruits.  Kiwies and strawberries. I already like them, so why not to eat them more frequently.

But what’s in it for me you might think. Did you know that kiwies and strawberries are two the most powerful fruits out there? High in ANTIOXIDANTS, VITAMIN C, VITAMIN K, POTASSIUM and MANGANESE among others. Some of these components neutralize free radicals that can cause skin damage. These amazing fruits, helps prevent colon cancer as well as cardiovascular and inflamatory deseases. So, start eating some kiwi and strawberries! They are not only healthy, but delicious and exotic. What more can you ask for? After eating them you will feel enterily satisfied.

A tip for breakfast if you are into dairy; add some yogurt and granola! I recommend 100% natural ingredients granola!

Chao Chao,
firma 1

Estoy segura esto le sucede a todo el mundo. Te preparas para ver un programa de televisión, leer una revista, un libro o estas muy ansioso… bueno si eres como yo, el deseo de comerte un snack es muy intenso.  La parte triste es que las personas promedio asocian los snacks con chips, helados, cerveza, etc. (mejor conocidos como alimentos no saludables)

Hace un par de meses decidí evaluar cómo todo lo que como se refleja en mi piel y en cómo me siento.
Los chips por ejemplo me hacen sentir mucha sed y mi piel al día siguiente esta super seca (claro si las como muy tarde y me acuesto a dormir casi enseguida), debido a  su alto contenido de sodio. El helado por otra parte me hace sentir el vientre como un globo y una vez he terminado de comer, ¿adivinen qué? Todavía estoy con mucha ansiedad e insatisfecha.

Así que simplemente NO compro mas snacks no saludables. En lugar, compro algunas de mis frutas favoritas. Kiwies y fresas! Me encantan así que porque no comerlas con mayor frecuencia.

Pero pensaran ustedes, y que beneficio tengo obtengo yo? ¿Sabías que los kiwies y las fresas son algunas de las frutas más poderosas? Tienen un alto contenido de antioxidantes, vitamina C, vitamina K, potasio y magnesio entre otros. Algunos de estos componentes neutralizan los radicales libres que pueden causar mucho daño a la piel. También contribuyen a prevenir el cáncer de colon, enfermedades cardio vasculares e inflamatorias.  Así que empieza a comer kiwi y fresas! No sólo son saludables, sino que también son deliciosas y exóticas. ¿Qué más se puede pedir? Después de comerlas te sentirás completamente satisfecho.

Tip para el desayuno; si te gustan los  lácteos, añade yogurt y granola! Recomiendo granola con ingredientes 100% naturales!

Chao Chao,

firma 1

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