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Antes no teníamos tiempo para nada… ahora que hay tiempo algunos no saben que hacer con el. Se sienten atrapados, ansiosos, aburridos, temerosos, adictos al celular, etc, etc. Y es que el TIEMPO es una de las cosas mas preciadas que tenemos y así como tenemos mucho o poco, se va y nunca se recupera, así que a aprovecharlo y meterle ganas.

Asi como hay algunos que no saben que hacer con su tiempo habremos otros que queremos hacer de todo, mas lo que debemos hacer que nadie puede hacer por nosotros …. #fulltimemom #fulltimechef #fulltimewife #fulltimetodo . Para no enloquecer y caernos desesperadas en la rutina, saquemos provecho al tiempo.

Aquí te comparto mi top 10 TO DO de actividades que he realizado y algunas las continuo mientras me quedo en casa y paso la cuarentena de manera positiva junto a mi familia!

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2018 has come to an end and 2019 is here all shiny waiting for everybody’s resolutions to get on the mail or email I should say.  But did you reach all your goals and completed all your resolutions last year? I did reach almost all of mine, so I decided to share those tricks that help me stay on track and determined to reach them all.

Here’s my list of tips to follow in order to achive your goals for this 2019:

1. Choose realistic short term goals that you can easily achieve.

Easy goals once accomplished, will motivate you to carry on with the other one. For example, drink 8 glasses of wáter everyday or have desserts only on Sundays.

2.Write them down,

Put them all on paper. Print it and have it right in front of your computer so you can see it and be reminded them everyday.

3. Get a Habit or Task Planner App.

If you are a digital junkie and prefer to have everything on your phone or Tablet, I recommend you to try a task planner. Accordding to Elise Moreau, you can never have enough productivity tools. She published a great article with the best goal tracker apps for 2019.  You should check it out. She recommends great options like WAYOFLIFE which I love. I didn’t wanted somenthing to complicated, its super friendly and I can track bad and good habits for the entire week.

4. Asign a deadline or date to each goal.

For example, if one of your goals is walking up early, your goal should be for example, Wake up at 7:.00 from Monday to Thursday for an entire month. If you dont assign a deadline to your goals, you can sit forever and not accomplish them. You will get into the I’ll do it later mode. The year will go by and so your 2019 resolution.

5. Choose mid term and long term goals.

Mid term and long term goals will push you to the next level. Chase them once you have achieved your short term, which will be the easy ones. Then go back to point No. 4. For example: Save x amount of money by x date.

6. Reward yourself for achieving each goal.

Treat yourself with something special after achieving each goal. Like dinner, a spa, a mani pedi or both! You will surely think about the prize and chase those goals.

7. Get backup!

If you know you can get a little lazy somentimes. Ask for a friend or your partner to keep an eye on you if you cheat. Belief me these people will do the job.

8. Keep a positive attitude and have fun.

Don´t carry your goals like a burden, think about why you started, the benefits and reasons behind them.

Those are my 8 tips for reaching and achieving your goals and resolution this New Year. 2019 bring it on, we are ready!

Hope my tips will help you a bit!

Photos by Debbie González &-Roldan Canto

See ya!

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Varsity Jkts are incredible pieces. They remind me of GREASE. That scene were Danny Zuko finally decides to stop being a bad boy and becomes a preppy kid (for a hot minute) .  Deep down he was still a bad ass.

I choose a Little rock n& roll look styling with white denims and boots. Also kept it black & white.





Here are some ideas on how to style:

  • You can wear it very varsity with denim and sneakers.
  • Very modern with a midi skirt, tshirt and sneakers.
  • Wear it as a layer in the Winter.
  • Very femenine with a mini skirt or mini dress.
  • Also you can opt for an androgyn look.
  • Mix print on print or bold in colors.


Release your inner stylist!

INSPO source: geschnackvoll.de, songofstyle, stylelovely teenvogue, bloglovin.

 As always see ya in my next post!

Chao chao,

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Who doesn’t own a white shirt or doesn’t have one in their closet? I own several, I’m kind of obsessed with anything white, :-).  Anyhow they all remain as a recognizable white shirt and certainly one of my main ethereal classics.  Meanwhile, somewhere there’s a brilliant mind designing, brainstorming and taking our favorite classic to a whole new dimension and decide to REVIVE IT.  You’re beloved classic comes to live once again!

The white shirt style I wore for this look is exceptional. I love every aspect of it. T It’s a perfect modern classic and a trendy piece all at the same time.

Note that versatility is very important to me. When I purchase any piece, I automatically start thinking how many ways  I can wear it and then I’m totally hooked.

This shirt is a combination of several game winners :


On one side this shirt/blouse features the classic white shirt signature collar. Without it, it wouldn’t have being a shirt. Right?



On the opposite side, a naked shoulder cut honoring the one shoulder style I adore. The shirt becomes very feminine and chic.



Instead of a classic button down style, it a wrap around. Which makes it super flattering and adjustable, giving you the power to tied it however you prefer.



This couldn’t get any better, when…Extravagance is added with RUFFLES. The ruffles add a very Avant Garde vibe to it.

We all love the Drama anyhow! (Only in Fashion please)


 To break my black and white statement, I opted for a sequence silver and gold clutch. Very rock & Roll.

white-shirt-5-tgotg white-shirt-7-tgotg

Mirrored leopard sunnies! When I got them, I just couldn’t wait to wear them. Super light weight on my face I got to say.


We had a blast taking this pictures. The location is amazing and full of history. It reminds us everyday tha, this is and will always be OUR land.

Following we headed to ATLAPA Convention Center for more of the Mercedes Benz Panama Fashion Week 2016 and its final day.

Photos in Collaboration with Roldan Canto.







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This is one of my favorite looks, I remember feeling like the Farrah Fawcett of our days. Styling two statement pieces in one look is great, you get to use two pieces you love at once if you can’t decide. Several elements and pieces of this look are very special to me.  The pieces themselves, silhouettes and the colors. Rose tones contrasted with neutrals and navy. It’s not difficult to style statement pieces together. Just pay close attention to some key tips I have for you:

Este es uno de mis looks favoritos,  Recuerdo ese día me sentía la Farrah Fawcett de nuestros tiempos.  Dos piezas impactantes en un solo look es increíble porque puedes usar dos piezas que te encantan a la vez si no logras decidirte. Este look tiene varios elementos y piezas que son muy especiales para mi.  Las piezas como tal, las siluetas y los colores.  Rosas contrastados con tonos neutrales y azul marino.  No es difícil estilizar piezas impactantes juntas. Solo debes poner especial atención a estos tips clave que tengo para ti:

statementepieces-tgotg1statementcherry-blossoms-tgog5 dsc01818dsc01844

TIP 1: If you are medium to shorter height, consider medium to minimal prints when wearing statement pieces. They will look proportionally perfect for your body and will not overpower you.

Bomber Blouse(statement piece 1). We all know how bombers are huge, but a bomber blouse just takes it to another level.  As you know I live in a warmer country, so, having this option makes this fashion piece, real and wearable. The fluid fabric adds softness and chicness to the look. The minimal Japanese Cherry Blossoms inspired print is not overwhelming at all and is perfect for my height and body proportions.  The print turns this piece into a magical element to the outfit.

TIP 1: Si eres de estatura media o baja, considera prints mínimos o mediamos.  Estos prints lucen mas acorde a tus proporciones corporales y no se sobrepondrán a ti.

Blusa estilo bomber (pieza emblemática 1) Todos sabemos lo importantes que son esta temporada, pero una blusa bomber lleva esta tendencia a otro nivel.  Como saben, vivo en un país de clima cálido, así que esta opción permite que este estilo tan trendy sea más real y usable. La tela fluida añade suavidad y un factor chic a este look.  El print minimalista inspirado en las flores japonesas cherry blossoms, no es abrumante. Por ser mínimo, es perfecto para mi estatura y proporciones corporales. El print convierte esta pieza en una elemento mágico para este look.


Then we have this gorgeous HW Tailored Culottes in off white (statement piece 2).  Cullotes can flatter any silhouette. They elongate the legs and create visually perfect proportioned figures. You would say, light colors add volumen. Well they do, but when you have a strong top(keep in mind the top has a soft fabric and minimal print, which unpurposely I choose to avoid adding volumen to my upper part of the body) the whole outfit turns into a total masterpiece. When you look at this outfit, you’re sight doesn’t go directly to the blouse or the pants. It just appreciates the entire esthetics.

TIP 2: The botton or counter piece should be solid and in a diverse not mutted shape. i.e.: print+solid. If you choose a pant like me, a culotte instead of a skinny.

 Luego tenemos estos hermosos pantalones estilo Culotte de talle Alto en color blanco hueso.  Los culottes pueden favorecer cualquier figura. Alargan las piernas y visualmente crean una figura perfectamente proporcionada.  ustedes dirán, los colores claros añaden volumen. Bueno si, si añaden volumen, pero cuando los estilizas con un top fuerte ( tengan en mente que el top que escoge es de tela suave y de tela con print mínimo, lo cual hice a proposito para evitar añadir volumen a la parte superior de mi cuerpo) El outfit entero se convierte en una obra maestra. Cuando observas este outfit, tu mirada no se enfoca directamente en la blusa o en los pantalones.  Se enfoca en todo el look y su completa estética.

TIP 2: The parte inferior o pieza en contraste debe ser lisay en un diverso y no aburrida forma. por ejemplo: liso+estampado. O si escoges pantalones, que sea un culotte en lugar de un skinny.


TIP 3: Nude shoes. The key statement pieces are the bomber blouse and the snow white culottes. No need for a vivid pair of shoes. Instead, contribute on elongating your legs. Opt for nude strappy sandals. They will give the illusion of a longer cleaner leg. A colored shoe will shorten your legs and will make this look too busy.
TIP 3: Zapatos neutrales. Las piezas fundamentales son la blusa bomber y los pantalones culottes.  No es necesario un par de zapatos llamativos. En lugar, contribuye a alargar tus piernas. Opta por una sandalias color piel. Darán la ilusión de unas piernas mas largas.  Zapatos llamativos o de color, acortaran tus piernas y harán que este look este muy recargado.


Accessories are just as important. I wanted to highlight the blush shades in the blouse to complement also my skin tone. I went for this Structured Shoulder Bag in Quartz Rose with golden details on the straps. Added also a lovely rose quartz leather bracelet partnered with a rose bangle!

Los accesorios son igual de importantes en cada look. En esta ocasion queria resaltar el tono rosa de la blusa que también complementa muy bien mi tono de piel.  Escogí este bolso de hombro de silueta estructurada y cuadrada en un tono rosa cuarzo y detalles dorados en las tiras.  También agregue unos brazaletes divinos. Uno en cuero rosa y oro en tonos dorados!


My must haves for this day. Becca Champagne Pop blush-highlighter duo. Milani liquid lipstick in shade precious and off course can’t live without my samsung mobile!

Mis imprescindibles de este dia, Duo de Blush-Highlighter de Becca en el color Champagne Pop. Lipstick liquido en el tono Precious de Milani y por supuesto no puedo vivir sin mi móvil.


To balance out the tone on my lips, I added a final coat of gloss in my favorite chanel gloss in rose tendre.

Para balancear un poquito el tono de mis labios, añadí mi brillo favorito de Chanel en tono nude.


Here we have two strong pieces, but how do I manage to make them work so seamlessly together? Well, it’s quite simple. Both pieces together, create upper and lower balance to my currently voluptuous body (that’s how I currently feel, not to mention a few friends have referred to me as it. It’s funny, I never ever would have thought to be called like that, lol)

He aquí dos piezas fuertes juntas, pero como logro hacer que funcionen tan bien juntas? Bueno, es bastante sencillo. Ambas piezas juntas, crean balance tanto en la parte superior como inferior de mi cuerpo voluptuoso. (Así es como actualmente me siento, sin dejar de mencionar así es como hace poco unos amigos ser refirieron a mi. Es gracioso, jamas se referirían a mi de esa forma, lol)







See you in my next post!

Chao, Chao,


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This post calls for a leather jacket.  Fall is already here, so a leather jacket is foremost needed. I remember the first time a assembled a creative outfit, I was very little. Think I was around 6 and I don’t remember this because I have the most amazing memory, no. I remember this because of all the pictures my mom and dad took back then. Seeing this pictures make me blush, laugh and definitely confirm I’m working on the right industry.

Through fashion and personal style, I can express my vision, and let loose. That’s why I never lose an opportunity to style an amazing piece when I see it. I love neutral shades. The contrast of black and rosy shades are my favorite. They’re elegant, very feminine and subtle not to mention this shades in the right fabric can be very chic. However, once in awhile, colors seduce me irremediably.

I live in a warmer climate country, an insanely delicious hot weather country. Colorful and vibrant, so finding a spot to connect with color has never being a hard task. You may wonder, how I manage with this heat, to wear a leather jacket. Well let me tell you that one of the benefits of living in this country, is that most places keep their air conditioning at very very low temperatures. Which allows me to take advantage and rock my leather.

The key piece of this look is a leather jacket (I’m aware of my obsession for jackets, just fyi) but not any jacket. It’s a beautiful dandelion shade jacket that’s gorgeous. It’s one of those pieces that no matter how you style it, once you wear it, all eyes are on you. Some will stare strangely, others will be curious… You will just evoke it all.


To add a little more drama to this look, I wore high knee boots with a mini skirt and a soft knit top with zig zag pattern. A touch of Dandelion is also on sections of the top.  Don’t be amazed if you see me wearing this jackets a lot more.

Leather Jacket & skirt – TOMMY HILFIGER

Over the knee Boots – FOREVER21

Kisses, Chao



Este post hace honor a una chaqueta de cuero.  La temporada de otoño ya llegó, lo cual la hace aún más necesaria.  He creído en el estilo personal toda mi vida. Recuerdo que la primera vez que arme mi primer outfit creativo, estaba muy pequeña. Unos 6 años debía tener,  no lo recuerdo porque tengo una memoria increíble, lo recuerdo por las imagenes que me tomaron mi padre y madre, y al verlas me sonrojo, río y definitivamente confirmo que estoy en la industria correcta.  A través de la moda y el estilo personal puedo expresar mi visión, puedo dejar volar mi imaginación y ser libre.  Es por ello que no pierdo la oportunidad de armar un look cuando una pieza especial capta mi atención.  Me encantan los tonos neutros. El contraste entre el negro y rosa pálido, es de mis favoritos. Son elegantes,  muy femeninos y sutiles sin dejar de mencionar que plasmados en las telas correctas, pueden ser muy chic. Sin embargo, de vez en cuando los colores me seducen irremediablemente.

Vivo en un pais calido, mejor dicho, calurosamente delicioso.  Colorido y vibrante así que encontrar un spot para conectarte con colores no es difícil. Se preguntaran, con esta calor, como logro y me atrevo a llevar algunas piezas. Pues dejenme contarles, que gracias al calor, la temperatura del aire acondicionado de los lugares promedio a los que voy o visito, es muy baja. Asi que puedo salirme con las mias.

La pieza clave de este look es una chaqueta de cuero (estoy consciente de mi obsesión por las chaquetas :). Pero no es cualquier chaqueta. Es una en un tono amarillo eléctrico diente de león. Una pieza clave de esas que cuando las usas, no importa el outfit con el cual las combines, todos los ojos se posan en ti. Algunos de forma extraña, otros curiosos…evocas todos los adjetivos.


Para añadir mas drama a este look, lleve unas botas a las rodillas con una mini y un top de knit de patrón en zig zag con el mismo tono diente de león en algunas de sus líneas. No se extrañen si comienzan a verme muy a menudo llevando esta chaqueta.



Besos, Chao,


debbie-tgog-electric7debbie-tgog-electric12debbie-tgog-electric8 debbie-tgog-electric11 debbie-tgog-electric

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by Debbie

I’m always in the hunt for new sunglasses. They are the perfect accesory. This time I wanted Desi Perkins Collab with QUAY AUSTRALIA. They are not available in Panama, so my options were: wait until my next trip to NYC ( which was not going to happen anytime soon) or get them online. I was about to fall for the online option when at last minute a trip to NYC came up. Yeay!!

 I was very excited and determined to get them, so once I got to NYC the search started.  I did not have much time, so I went straight to the URBAN OUTFITTERS Store on 36th St, Broadway.  To my dissapointment they only had one style and not even close to the ones I wanted.  Second stop, 43rd St. on 5ht Ave. Dissapointment again. Same styles that I found on the first store. I was about to faint from all the walking andI was very tired.  I walked all the way from Broadway to 5th. The traffic was insane and no taxies available. On top of that It was very late, almost 8pm and most shops ares closed by 7pm.  I gave up and said to my self,  make up your mind, get them online or forget about it.

As I was walking through 5th waiting to get a cab and get back to the hotel. I looked across the street  and there was a TOPSHOP store! I Crossed the street really quick to check out closing hours and they were closing at 9pm, which meant I had almost 30 minutes to see if my shades were there.  Once inside, they were right there waiting. I tried them on and BOOM!  They fitted my face perfectly.  The only disapointment I got, was that you don’t get a cleaning cloth included in the case once you purchase them. For the rest, they are perfect!

So here I’m sharing some photos of me rocking those  QUAY CAT EYE SHADES by DESI. Hope you like them and maybe get ones yourself!

Chao Chao,

firma 1

Siempre estoy en la búsqueda de nuevas gafas de sol.  Son el accesorio perfecto. Esta vez quería las gafas que Desi Perkins diseño en Colaboración con QUAY AUSTRALIA. No están disponibles en Panamá, por lo que mis opciones eran:  Esperar hasta mi próximo viaje a Nueva York (lo cual no iba a pasar muy pronto) o comprarlos en línea. Estaba a punto de irme por la opción de compra en linea cuando por suerte me programaron un viaje de última hora  a Nueva York, Yeay!!

 Estaba muy emocionada y decidida a conseguirlas, por lo que una vez llegué a Nueva York, comenzó la búsqueda. No tenia mucho tiempo así que fui directamente a la tienda URBAN OUTFITTERS en la  Calle 36 de Broadway. Para mi decepción,  sólo tenían un estilo y ni siquiera se parecían a los que buscaba.  Segunda parada, Calle 43 en 5ta Avenida. Decepción de nuevo. Los mismos estilos que había encontrado en la primera tienda. Nada de Desi. Estaba a punto de desmayarme del cansancio por todo lo que había caminado, estaba muy cansada. Caminé desde Broadway hasta la 5ta., el tráfico era una locura y no había taxis disponibles. Además era muy tarde, casi las 9pm y la mayoría de las tiendas cierran a las 7 pm. Me di por vencida y me dije a mi misma, ni modo, cambia de opinión, comprarlas en linea o ya olvídalo.

Mientras caminaba por la 5ta esperando conseguir un taxi y volver al hotel. Miré al otro lado de la calle y había una tienda TOPSHOP(olvide que también las venden)! Crucé la calle muy rápido para verificar las horas de cierre y para mi suerte estaban cerrando a las 9pm, lo que significaba que tenía casi 30 minutos para ver si mis gafas estaban allí. Una vez dentro, estaban ahí esperando, justo en la entrada. Me las probé y BOOM! Encajaban perfectamente en mi rostro. La única decepción que tuve fue que no te dan el pañito para limpiarlas con el estuche. Por el resto,  están perfectas!

Así que aquí les comparto algunas fotos con mis mis gafas CAT EYE de QUAY X DESI. Espero les gusten y tal vez consideren comprarse unas!

Chao Chao,

firma 1


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by Debbie

Did you party long last night or did you just had too many drinks and sadly have to wake up way too early today?? Let me share with you my tips that not only work as SOS for a party looking face, they’ve also helped me when I had a tough night and worked until very late. We all know once you look in the mirror the next morning, the reflection tells it all!


As soon as I wake up, I drag myself into the kitchen to get a glass of water, the No.1 super natural hydrator. Then I go ahead and place my favorite 911 eye patches in the fridge to cool while I head to take a cold shower to activate my circulation and off course WAKE UP.

Now let get into to fun part!


I cleanse my face with Josie Maran Cleasing oil. It’ the best cleanser I’ve tried in a long time. If you have dry skin like me, you will not regret using it. If you are more into the oily side, I will recommend to consult with your dermatologist first. I wet my face and then add 2 pumps of the cleasing oil into my fingers, rub it a little and then start massaging my face. The sensation is totally different from other cleansers. The oil warms into your skin and turns into milk giving you a very soothing sensation. It takes away all impurities without being too harsh. Argan oil is packed with healing and protective properties like triterpenoids which offer tissue healing if you have scars. It also has anti-inflammatory, sun-protective and disinfectant properties. Finally, I rinse with water and dry with soft padding motions.


My favorite 911 undereye patches! I take them from the fridge, remove them from the satchet gently and place them right below my under eyes. The cold feel refreshing and the inflammation under the eyes will be reduced.  These patches contain Gardenia Taitensis extract which is a flower that in counties like Samoa, is used to treat inflammation. You will feel very quickly how the skin tightens. I leave the patches for approximately 15 minutes and start getting dressed.


One of my favorite products from Lush is their Celestial Moisturizer. The aroma of almond milk and vanilla is simply delightful to me. One of the key ingredients in this cream is almonds. According to Joy Bauer, almonds are a great source of Vitamin E which protects skin cells from damage. Joy Bauer is a nutrition and health expert founder of Nourish Snacks, she is also columnist for Woman’s Day magazine. A tip for this cream, keep this product on the fridge, I love the cooling sensation on my skin.
Back to the routine, after I remove my eyepatches, I gently massage my under eyes with almost no pressure to have the skin absorb what’s left of the eyepatches. I take an almond size amount of moisturizer and massage it throughout my face. Because of being vegan, this product will not irritate your skin, on the contrary, will leave your skin super soft with a luminous glow that I personally love. I’ve even extended the application under my eyes and worked perfectly.


As an extra tip to finish our rescue session, add some spf to your skin. My esthetician recommended me Bioderma 100% protection.  It will protect  my sensitive skin with cellular bioprotection.  It’s also inted, so it will give a soft golden tan that will also contribute to hide the lack of sleep on your skin. For application I pour a small amount and dab it into my skin. I recommend only padding motions throughout the face.
Now you are ready for a little makeup. I have special products and technique for makeup in this special scenario, however well talk about that in my next beauty post.

Let me know if it worked for you!
Chao Chao,

firma 1

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by Debbie

Its always hard for me to have breakfast. I wake up very early and having breakfast is the least thing I want to do everyday. However,  it’s the most important meal and not having it, just messes with my whole self for the rest of the day.  So, I decided that skipping breakfast was no longer an option.

As the week goes by, I start running out of ideas or options, healthy options for breakfast. Believe me, some days scrambled eggs with tomatoes, or oatmeal are not want I want to eat. So, I started thinking about what I love to eat to get me excited about having breakfast. It had to be fun and delicious…

I love avocado, give it me to in guacamole, salads, even a burger(let me clarify, every now and then only) and I’m down for it. I went to the supermarket to get some for dinner, and as I walked to the cashier, I said to myself, wait a minute..this could work for breakfast! and that’s when avocado became an option.  Easy to prepare and charged of positive ingredients.

This new breakfast option features one of my favourite Fruits. Which gets me very excited to have breakfast and that’s what I was looking for.  Some people actually think avocados are vegetables and they’re  fruits actually. Avocados are super nutritious and loaded with a large amount of vitamins. They even contain more potassium than bananas, which is a very important nutrient not found in high concentrations as in avocados.  This fruit also contributes to prevent eye deseases like cataratas. They’re are also high in fiber. According to the book THE WOMEN’S HEALTH DIET, research shows that fiber can fire up your fat burn as much as 30% and studies find that those who eat more fiber gain the least weight over time.  What are we wainting to get some avocado! This fruit is also very low in carbohydrates, wich are the perfect combination for a good meal.

My healthy breakfast includes,  1 slice of fiber bread, tuna mixed with some pepper, sea salt and only a little mayonaise with olive oil. For extra protein, two small boiled eggs!

Try it one of this days, you wont regret it!

Chao Chao,

firma 1

Siempre es difícil para mí para tomar el desayuno. Me levanto muy temprano y tomar desayuno es lo menos que quiero hacer todos los días. Sin embargo, es la comida más importante y no tomarlo, simplemente se acaba con todo mi ser por el resto del día. Por lo tanto, decidí que saltarse el desayuno ya no seria una opción.

A medida que avanza la semana, seguramente empiezo a quedarme sin opciones o ideas, opciones saludables para el desayuno. Créanme, algunos días huevos revueltos con tomate y avena no son lo que deseo comer. Así que empecé pensar y analizar, buscando opciones, pensando en lo que me gusta de comer. Al escoger algo que me gustase, era mas fácil para mi tomar el desayuno. Tenia que ser divertido y delicioso …

Me encanta el aguacate, lo puedo comer en guacamole, ensaladas, incluso en una hamburguesa (Aclaro, de vez en cuando solamente) y ahí estoy!  Fui al supermercado a comprar unos para la cena y mientras caminaba a pagarlos, me dije, un minuto, yo podría desayunar con aguacate! y es así entonces cuando el aguacate se convirtió en una opción.

Esta nueva opción de desayuno, lleva una de mis frutas favoritas.  Lo cual logra que quiera tomar el desayuno, y eso era lo que estaba buscando. Algunas personas piensan que los aguacates son vegetales y son frutas. Los aguacates son muy nutritivos y están cargados con una gran cantidad de vitaminas. Incluso contienen más potasio que las bananas, que es un nutriente muy importante que no se encuentra en altas concentraciones como en los aguacates. Esta fruta también contribuye a evitar enfermedades oculares como cataratas y desgaste visual. Son también son altos en fibra. De acuerdo al libro THE WOMEN’S HEALTH DIET, investigaciones muestran que la fibra puede contribuir a tu quema de grasa tanto como un 30% y estudios muestran que aquellos que ingieren mucha fibra ganan menos pesa con el tiempo. Que estamos esperando para entrarle a los aguacates! Esta fruta también es muy baja en carbohidratos, la cual es una combinación perfecta para una buena comida si estas pensando en perder peso y comer sano.

Mi nueva opción de desayuno incluye, 1 rodaja de pan de fibra, atún mezclado con un poco de pimienta, la sal del mar y sólo un poco de mayonesa con aceite de oliva. Y como  proteína extra, dos pequeños huevos hervidos!

Inténtalo uno de estos días, no te arrepentirás!

Chao Chao,

firma 1

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