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2018 has come to an end and 2019 is here all shiny waiting for everybody’s resolutions to get on the mail or email I should say.  But did you reach all your goals and completed all your resolutions last year? I did reach almost all of mine, so I decided to share those tricks that help me stay on track and determined to reach them all.

Here’s my list of tips to follow in order to achive your goals for this 2019:

1. Choose realistic short term goals that you can easily achieve.

Easy goals once accomplished, will motivate you to carry on with the other one. For example, drink 8 glasses of wáter everyday or have desserts only on Sundays.

2.Write them down,

Put them all on paper. Print it and have it right in front of your computer so you can see it and be reminded them everyday.

3. Get a Habit or Task Planner App.

If you are a digital junkie and prefer to have everything on your phone or Tablet, I recommend you to try a task planner. Accordding to Elise Moreau, you can never have enough productivity tools. She published a great article with the best goal tracker apps for 2019.  You should check it out. She recommends great options like WAYOFLIFE which I love. I didn’t wanted somenthing to complicated, its super friendly and I can track bad and good habits for the entire week.

4. Asign a deadline or date to each goal.

For example, if one of your goals is walking up early, your goal should be for example, Wake up at 7:.00 from Monday to Thursday for an entire month. If you dont assign a deadline to your goals, you can sit forever and not accomplish them. You will get into the I’ll do it later mode. The year will go by and so your 2019 resolution.

5. Choose mid term and long term goals.

Mid term and long term goals will push you to the next level. Chase them once you have achieved your short term, which will be the easy ones. Then go back to point No. 4. For example: Save x amount of money by x date.

6. Reward yourself for achieving each goal.

Treat yourself with something special after achieving each goal. Like dinner, a spa, a mani pedi or both! You will surely think about the prize and chase those goals.

7. Get backup!

If you know you can get a little lazy somentimes. Ask for a friend or your partner to keep an eye on you if you cheat. Belief me these people will do the job.

8. Keep a positive attitude and have fun.

Don´t carry your goals like a burden, think about why you started, the benefits and reasons behind them.

Those are my 8 tips for reaching and achieving your goals and resolution this New Year. 2019 bring it on, we are ready!

Hope my tips will help you a bit!

Photos by Debbie González &-Roldan Canto

See ya!

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Hace un tiempo que buscaba un shoulder top. Quería algo diferente, divertido y con toque muy inesperado.  Mientras realizaba mi acostumbrado hunting, encontré este modelo de rayas horizontales en diversos colores. El toque de MOSTAZA y AZUL MARINO me cautivaron así que adivinen que, imposible resistirme, quede prensada. Un estilo con un corte muy particular, llevando 2 tendencias a la vez. HOMBROS DESCUBIERTOS y MANGAS ESTILO CAMPANA.

Para algunas parecerá una pieza difícil. Es cierto es una pieza que mucho de bastantes conceptos, pero, si consideras que al tener colores y rayas en diversos tonos, lo puedes llevar con infinitos bottoms; DENIMS, SHORTS, MINIS, PANTALONES BASTA ANCHA, etc., la opciones son ilimitadas. Lo cual significa que tienes una pieza versátil en tu closet. Si eres de esas chicas que piensa que es una pieza de esas que cuando te la pones nadie olvida que la repetiste, bueno déjame contarte también recordaran lo creativa que eres en tu estilo si la combinas universalmente y el hecho de que la has usado anteriormente pasara a segundo plano.

Por otro lado si deseas disminuir la atención hacías tus caderas o derriere, esta piezas es excelente. Te recomiendo piezas llamativas como esta para que la atencion este enfocada en la parte superior de tu cuerpo.

Para completar este look, escogí:

Shoulder Top – ZARA/

Short blanco – TOMMY HILFIGER/  

Cartera Drawstring – ZARA/

Plataformas – STUDIO F


Espero les guste!

Chao Chao,



I´ve being looking for a shoulder top for quite some time. I wanted something different, fun and with a very unexpected touch. While doing some hunting, I found this style with a horizontal stripes pattern in different colors. The touch of MUSTARD and NAVY BLUE captivated me. A style with a particular cut taking two trends at once. BARE SHOULDERS and BELL SLEEVES, so guess what…impossible to resist and as a result I was hocked.  Some of you may find it a very difficult piece. It’s not so complicated, if you consider that having colors and stripes in various shades, give you infinite combination combos; DENIMS, SHORTS, MINIS, PANTS, TAYLORED WIDE LEGS, etc., the choices are very diverse.  

On the other hand, if you want to distract the attention from your hips or derriere, I always recommend striking pieces like this. To complete the look , I chose a leather drawstring bucket, also in MUSTARD.

Shoulder Top by ZARA/ White short by TOMMY HILFIGER/ Drawstring Bag by ZARA/ Platforms by STUDIO F

Hope you like it!


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Blazers.  Another favorite of mine. But…the double breasted blazer is a special one. This blazer is a true British style statement. Its a piece that has often being associated with incredible power and sense of status.

Mainly wore by man, back in the days it was a piece considered not to be part of a formal attire. It was a casual  style  called reefer jacket.  It wasnt until the 1930s and 1940s when it became a solid business-veryformal  piece. it became such a powerful piece, that It was easy to see Wall Street executives proudly wearing it.  Al Capone hilmself wore this incredile blazer.

Style has evolved incredibly. Nowadays the boyfriend look is more than common and many pieces have being reinvented to be worn by females, the double breasted blazer is no exception.  Honoring how style continues to evolve, for this look I picked my favorite double breasted blazer in a cloudy washed fabric. A washed made mainly in shades of indigo a light blue.  Ripped white denims seemed a perfect match for the look and also a double toned suede sandals.  A rebel touch comes with adding an explosion of rings.

DSC04310 DSC04319 DSC04326DSC04309

Remeber that style trascends, always. Fashion is just temporarly. The only thing that is constant is change.

See ya!


firma 1



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by Debbie

working on something great

To have ideas, letting your imagination fly or just dreaming is something that everyone can do. In fact, it is something we do every day. But … how many of those ideas or dreams really come true ??

Well, this is the beginning of something wonderful for me. Something that was in HOLD for a long time for various reasons . So here I go, as Chris Daughtry sang in one of my favorite songs,

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