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Who doesn’t own a white shirt or doesn’t have one in their closet? I own several, I’m kind of obsessed with anything white, :-).  Anyhow they all remain as a recognizable white shirt and certainly one of my main ethereal classics.  Meanwhile, somewhere there’s a brilliant mind designing, brainstorming and taking our favorite classic to a whole new dimension and decide to REVIVE IT.  You’re beloved classic comes to live once again!

The white shirt style I wore for this look is exceptional. I love every aspect of it. T It’s a perfect modern classic and a trendy piece all at the same time.

Note that versatility is very important to me. When I purchase any piece, I automatically start thinking how many ways  I can wear it and then I’m totally hooked.

This shirt is a combination of several game winners :


On one side this shirt/blouse features the classic white shirt signature collar. Without it, it wouldn’t have being a shirt. Right?



On the opposite side, a naked shoulder cut honoring the one shoulder style I adore. The shirt becomes very feminine and chic.



Instead of a classic button down style, it a wrap around. Which makes it super flattering and adjustable, giving you the power to tied it however you prefer.



This couldn’t get any better, when…Extravagance is added with RUFFLES. The ruffles add a very Avant Garde vibe to it.

We all love the Drama anyhow! (Only in Fashion please)


 To break my black and white statement, I opted for a sequence silver and gold clutch. Very rock & Roll.

white-shirt-5-tgotg white-shirt-7-tgotg

Mirrored leopard sunnies! When I got them, I just couldn’t wait to wear them. Super light weight on my face I got to say.


We had a blast taking this pictures. The location is amazing and full of history. It reminds us everyday tha, this is and will always be OUR land.

Following we headed to ATLAPA Convention Center for more of the Mercedes Benz Panama Fashion Week 2016 and its final day.

Photos in Collaboration with Roldan Canto.







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by Debbie

TONY VERGARA in charge of the MERCEDES BENZ PANAMA FASHION WEEK 2016 closure on Opening Night and the most expect , didn’t cease to surprise us. I didn’t had with me any details of the collection, like inspiration, elaboration, nor concept. I had nothing, only my expectations and anxiousness to interpret TONY VERGARA’S world.  The show starts with feminine shades, and you all know how I adore them. White, rose, peach and orange shades, like the sunset is upon us. All mimicking one another throughout the looks walking the runway. Loved the structure and fluidness of the pieces. A fluidness translated into the fabrics movement and flow of every piece.


TONY VERGARA encargado de dar cierre al día inaugural del Mercedes Benz Panama Fashion Week 2016 y el más esperado de la noche, no dejó de sorprendernos no tenia en mis manos detalles de la colección, como su inspiración, elaboración, concepto ni nada. Estaba completamente a la expectativa y ansiosa de interpretar el mundo de TONY VERGARA. Inicia el desfile con tonalidades femeninas, que saben me encantan. Tonalidades, blancas, rosas, duraznos, naranjas, como si el atardeccer estuviese justo frente a nosotros. Todas mimetizandose a lo largo de todos los looks presentados.  Me encantaron la fluidez y estructura de las piezas. Fluidez que se traducía en el movimiento de las telas a lo largo de la pasarela.

A current collection with a Couture touch. A collection that speaks to today’s women. That woman who dresses in oversized and urban pieces mixed with pencil skirts that add chicness to her wardrobe. That same woman also loves couture, embellishment and lace. She wants to be transported to special moments through fashion.


Una colección actual con un toque de Alta Costura.  Una colección que le habla a la mujer de hoy, esa mujer que hoy viste piezas oversized y urbanas mezcladas con faldas corte lápiz que le dan un toque chic a su guardarropa. Esa misma mujer igualmente ama la alta costura, los encajes y bordados. Esa mujer desea que la transporten a momentos muy especiales.

Tony Vergara creative director of TONY VERGARAS brand presented a collection 90% handmade in collaboration with panamanian craftsmen using natural silks and hybrid materials hand on hand with industrial equipment always conscious of the environment.


Tony Vergara director creativo de la marca TONY VERGARA presentó una colección 90% elaborada a mano en colaboración con artesanos panameños empleando sedas naturales y materiales híbridos de la mano igualmente de un equipo industrial siempre consciente del medio ambiente .


This was my favorite COUTURE STATEMENT of the collection. To me it represents completely the concept behind the collection.  I remember the model walking down the runway. As she walked, the dress moved as if it was under the water and it almost became alive.  Inspire in coral reefs, jellyfishes and anemonas of our region, the look represents it all in High Couture.

aqwualuzlookbookedicion05 aqwualuzlookbookedicion12

On the ready to wear meet romantic and chic, I loved these two looks.


Este fue mi look EMBLEMÁTICO EN ALTA COSTURA de la colección. El cual para mi representa completamente el concepto de la colección.  Recuerdo que a medida que la modelo avanzaba por la pasarela, el vestido lograba moverse como si estuviera debajo del agua y cobrara vida. Inspirado en los corales, medusas, arrecifes y anémonas de nuestro territorio, este look lo representa todo en Alta Costura.

Del lado listo para usar, romántico y chic ame estos dos looks.


I leave you with AQWALUZ SPRING SUMMER 2017 complete look book.

Los dejo con el lookbook completo de la colección AQWALUZ PRIMAVERA VERANO 2017-

Chao Chao,


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