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Blazers.  Another favorite of mine. But…the double breasted blazer is a special one. This blazer is a true British style statement. Its a piece that has often being associated with incredible power and sense of status.

Mainly wore by man, back in the days it was a piece considered not to be part of a formal attire. It was a casual  style  called reefer jacket.  It wasnt until the 1930s and 1940s when it became a solid business-veryformal  piece. it became such a powerful piece, that It was easy to see Wall Street executives proudly wearing it.  Al Capone hilmself wore this incredile blazer.

Style has evolved incredibly. Nowadays the boyfriend look is more than common and many pieces have being reinvented to be worn by females, the double breasted blazer is no exception.  Honoring how style continues to evolve, for this look I picked my favorite double breasted blazer in a cloudy washed fabric. A washed made mainly in shades of indigo a light blue.  Ripped white denims seemed a perfect match for the look and also a double toned suede sandals.  A rebel touch comes with adding an explosion of rings.

DSC04310 DSC04319 DSC04326DSC04309

Remeber that style trascends, always. Fashion is just temporarly. The only thing that is constant is change.

See ya!


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Denim shirts just go with everything. I can style it up and down with mostly any other garment in my wardrobe.  Its a piece that will give you that updated and urban twist you want to pull off.

Next time you are in the hunt for something worthwhile shopping, invest in a Denim Shirt. Pick the color you prefer, light wash, dark blue, light blue, rinse, vintage, etc.  Only note this Tip: KEEP IT SIMPLE!!. No embelishments or beedings. More details will limit the styling options if what you are looking for is versatility. thoug this one im wearing has some serious wash technique on back, totally cool.



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Definitivamente esta es una de mis piezas favoritas. Es una pieza que me permite elevar un look así como bajarle el tono a casual muy fácilmente. Si estas buscando lograr un outfit o look con un twist urbano no muy agresivo, una camisa Denim es un MUST para ti.  No es tan clásico ni tan arriesgado.

La próxima vez que estés en búsqueda de adquirir una pieza que valga la pena comprar, invierte en una camisa de Denim. Escoge el color que desees, oscura, clara, lavada, vintage, etc.  Solo toma en cuenta este tip: QUE SEA SIMPLE! olvida las piedras, bordados, bling bling y demás. Muchos detalles limitaran tus opciones para combinarla si lo que estas buscando es una pieza versátil. Aunque este modelo que escogí tiene un lavado increíble en la espalda.



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Para este look escogi:

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by Debbie


Makeup is an art form where the sky is the limit . The product focused for this Look  were the SOFT MATTE LIPSTICK  by  NYX COSMETICS in MORROCO  and the MINERALISED ILUMINATING POWDER by MAC in SOFT & GENTLE.

The key to an incredible finish is to get the canvas where you are about to work, READY and PREPARED. And by canvas I mean your skin 😉 .

The following steps  are mandatory:

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