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Sneakers are the ultimate footwear of our days.  White sneakers, to be more specific. They are synonim of great sense of style in todays fashion world.  I have to be honest, lately everytime I put togeher an outfit, white sneakers are always right to me. They have just became the MUST HAVE piece for many of us. So in tribute to the passion for white sneakers, I decided to wear this Easy Sporty Look with a hint of the 80s. Its easy without being to comfy if you know what I mean.

I paired my favorite jogging pants with a 3/4 sleeve silk striped blouse; choker necklace for a touch of glam; pulled my hair up on a top knot; added my recent favorite shoulder flap bag and the featured piece of this post⇒ WHITE SNEAKERS  from NINE WEST. To break the black and white palette I wore bright pink socks.

Photos in collabotion with Roldan Canto.

DSC00948 DSC00952DSC00954 DSC00962-1024x681-1 DSC00960 DSC00966-1024x681DSC00964-1024x681
Hope you liked it and share your thoughts with me! See you on my next post.


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